WELCOME!  JYS Consultants-PosiPower Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1993. We are super excited to work with your staff. Thousands of participants have benefited from our expertise.  We are consistently rated "excellent." We are  proud of our outstanding reputation for creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace. It is our pleasure to serve YOU, face-to-face or ZOOM conferences.  Please contact us at 614-775-6069,  jysposipower@gmail.com.        

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 ALERT!  TELEWORKERS the coronavirus is serious.  Experts say this is how you will survive: Please wash your hands. Don’t touch your face and practice social distancing.  When away from home, please cover your nose and mouth. Wear a mask or make one with a bandana or a scarf.  #courageousleadership is believing that things will get back to “normal”.  ZOOM Webinars & Face-to- Face ccnferences are available.