Jordana Y. Shakoor   -   "Our Commitment" 

In 1993, Jordana Yasmine Shakoor founded JYS Consultants-PosiPower Concepts, Inc. The company was incorporated in 2008. She has a B.A. from The Ohio State University, and a Master in Education/M.Ed - Curriculum and Instruction from Otterbein University. Shakoor has trained thousands of directors and staff throughout Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Kentucky, Ilinois, Tennesee, West Virginia, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and other public agencies throughout the United States. Additionally, Shakoor developed and presented the 'Be a PosiTeacher Workshop' series for professional development training in several Ohio school districts. She travels extensively throughout the United States presenting "Our Customers Deserve the BEST" our most requested PosiPower Workshop.

Jordana Shakoor is the critically acclaimed author of Civil Rights Childhood. Her book is selected by universities, colleges, and high schools in the United States and abroad. Shakoor was featured in several publications and on television and radio programs.
Civil Rights Childhood was selected as “1-of-40 Best of The Best” by the American Library Association and the Association of University Presses.

Additionally, Shakoor is an instructor at the Ohio State University, John Glenn College of Public Affairs (MAPS)

Thousands of participants have had PosiPower Workshops. We are proud of our outstanding reputation for creating a positive atmosphere. The PosiPower Concept asserts that: "All elements of training begin with self." We emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive self-image when serving others. This concept is what makes our training unique. Over the years, we discovered that employees who feel good about themselves and their contribution to the organization are the best in the workplace.  ZOOM Webinars & Face-to- Face conferences are available.