1. PosiPower Brick-by-Brick Leadership -2 days
2. PosiPower Coaching Sessions for Management 
3. Develop a Logic Model With PosiPower Strategies
4. Develop a Strategic Plan With PosiPower Strategies
5. Time And Stress Management For Leaders
6. Our Customers Deserve The Best - Management
7. Change Can Be Great For Your Staff
8. Coach A Winning Team-2 days
9. What To Do When You Can't Fire Them
10. Positive Ways To STOP Bullies at Work
11. Managing Workplace Diversity in the 21st Century
12. Hire and Retain The Best Staff
13. PosiPower Conflict Management Skills for Leader
14. Basic Labor Law Training
15. Workplace Injuries & Workers Compensation
16. Sexual Harassment & Diversity Training
17. Interviewing and On-boarding 101
1.  PosiPower Your Way to a Professional IMAGE 
2.  Manage Your Time & Stress  
3.  Change Can Be GREAT
4.  Balance Work & Family & Be Positive in Both
5.  Let's All Just Get Along
6.  Case Management Training  
8.  Our Customers Deserve the Best 
9.  Disarm Hardcore Customers
10. Poverty Matters, NOW: Learn Strategies  
11.  Diversity in The Workplace in The 21st Century
12.  It's NOT a Chit-Chat -Interviewing skills 
13.  PosiPower Ways to Serve Boomers
14.  25 Ways to a Healthy Life-Style
15.  YOU Wore That to Work?
16. Interviewing Telephone Customers Effectively  
17.  Hello, May I Help You?
18.  Working In Teams - Employee Training
19.  PosiPower Writing, Speaking, and Grammar  
20.  Don't Bust Your Budget
21.   I Really Do Need This Job ...Coping Skills 
22.  Positive Action Equals Positive Results 
23.  What I Really Meant to Say Was...
24.  Women And Money  
25.  Managing Difficult People Effectively
26.  Manage Organizational Change & Stress

In order to reduce poverty, Community Action and Department of Human Service agencies will work to improve the allocation of local, state, private, and federal resources that assist low-income individuals and families. Our objective is to help participants acquire useful skills, knowledge, and ways to gain access to new opportunities in order for their clients achieve economic self-sufficiency. There is no limit on participation in PosiPower sessions.  It is always our pleasure to be of service!