Foster and Adoptive Parent Workshops

1.      Be a PosiParent in Your Home (booklets available)

 2.      Change Can Be GREAT For Your Family

 3.      Balance Work & Family & Be Positive in Both

 4.      Meeting The Needs of At-Risk Children

 5.      Raising 21st Century Girls

 6.      Raising 21st Century Boys

 7.      Teach Your Children Ways to Avoid Violence

 8.      Positive Parenting For Today's Teens

 9.      Let's All Just Get Along 

10.     Meeting The Needs of Preschool Children

11.    Positive Ways to Blend Children Into Families

12.      PosiPower Parenting for Single Parents               

13.      Celebrate Diversity in Your Home

14.      When Your Child Won't Listen

15.      Raise Successful Children  

16.      African-American Boys: Positive Parenting

17.      PosiKids are Happy Children

18.      Teach Your Children About Pets

19.      Raise Children With Manners

20.      25 Ways to a Healthy Family Life-style

21.      Time and Stress Management for Parents

22.      Keep Your Children Safe From Predators

23.      Shopping Tips For The Stressed-out Budget

24.      Preparing Your Teen For the REAL World

25.      My Forever Child - Successful Adoptions